Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Nails inc crystal colour in porchester square

Hi im back ;)
Okay i know im having an "on off" relationship with my blog, im sorry but i just enjoying my time with my family, as always family comes first :)

And other reason that ive been missing is because i start to write another blog,
It doesnt have any relation with make up or any beauty produtcs, its just my life :)
What im doing, my hobbies, my (new) (and another) addiction with japanese snack, and others.
And i choose to write it in bahasa, its more easier for me lol.
Please visit my new blog,

Now im gonna show you some cute stuff from nails inc,
I bought it from sephora, i choose 2 kind of their polish, holo and the crystal color edition.
Here's the swatches for nails inc. Crystal color in porchester square.
*look at those bling-bling, it realy looks fabulous irl*

Well i have to pay almost $20 for the packaging *the bling-bling cap* but its okay, i love it <3, its easy to apply, i apply about 3coats.
And ive already wear it for almost a week and it havent chip until now.
One thing for sure, this baby is a "must" for polish collector.

Here's the detail about nails inc (london):

With product names like Kensington, Warwick Way, and Devonshire Row and a catwalk-inspired color range that includes glossy creams, liquid metals, full coverage glitters, and beautiful pearls, nails inc. is the UK's most unique nail collection. Always at the forefront of the beauty and fashion industry, the high-performance line is formulated with the most advanced technologies for incredibly long-lasting and ultra-glossy results. Whether seen on the runways of London Fashion Week, the pages of top beauty magazines, or the tips of the high-profile celebrities, nails inc. polishes prove to be must-haves for standout manicures.

Crystal Colour
What it is:
Stunning crystal encrusted nail polishes for the girl who has everything.

What it does:
Nails inc. has a unique range of crystal nail polishes. These are four of the trend shades for the season with caps that are encrusted with more than 100 individual crystals. Each crystal shade is also packaged in a beautiful gift box making them extra special for that unique gift or collector's item.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan
Size: 0.33 oz

Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

L'occitane hand cream

Hi everyone,
Yesterday i was going to mall near my place and purchase new hand cream from l'occitane.
Usualy i pick the one in shea butter but i was kind of bored with the scent so im asked if they have new variant, and the SA showed me 2 new variant fleur cherie and the one in jasmine (i forgot the name sorry -__-")
Tested them on my hand but i choose to buy the fleur cherie variant, simply because i think i already had to much items with jasmine scented (perfumes, room spray) so i decided to buy another scent instead of jasmine (its kind of spooky if im using too much jasmine scent, reminds me of you know who smell :D)

Well i love their hand cream, it really makes my hands smooth and i also love the smell,
As u can see i already used the one in acacia flower, this one is my fave and its limited edition (why do they make it as LE? Hiks...)
Overall fleur cherie were quite okay, it has fresh scent of orange blossom, and i also can detect some blackcurrant and pine scent, i forgot to try the perfume so i cant say much about it.
In my opinion the texture of hand cream were more thicker than foot cream, maybe because it contains more shea butter.

The packaging were quite simple, just need to open the cap and squeeze it, (reminds me with toothpaste).
comes in 30ml size, so it was easy to carry them in your bag or put it in your pocket.
The price were reasonable 108rb (US rrp $10)
You can find it in your near l'occitane counter.

Thanks for reading this post and have a great weekend ^_^

Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

Revlon scented nail polish review and swatches

Hi everyone,
Sorry i havent post anything in the past few days.
Been busy with all po stuff.

As i promised before, im gonna post some pics from opi silver shatter and revlon scented nail polish.

Opi silver shatter over deborah lippmann razzle dazzle

Revlon scented nail polish in ocan breeze and peach smoothie (my new fave nail polish >.<)

Revlon scented nail polish in ocean breeze

revlon scented nail polish in peach smoothie (im in love with this baby <3) can you see those tiny sparkle? *okay the fact is my hubby didnt like this shade, dont know why, he just said it doesnt looks good on me, oh well -__-"

Revlon scented in ocean breeze with silver shatter

revlon scented nail polish in peach smoothie With silver shatter.
Love love love, this color really looks cute layered with silver shatter <3 <3 <3 The scented nail polish is really have scent, just try it. But remember you can smell the scent AFTER the polish has completely dry. (dont try to sniff your nail if the polish havent completely dry, or you will feel dizzy (just like me -__-") As for he shatter, i might not love it but i like it, the formula are better than the black shatter, at least i didnt have any problems to apply it, besides it looks cute when layered with peach smoothie >.<

Thats it for now, will post others review tommorrow,
Menard LS facial wash.

Thank for visit my blog *kiss-kiss*