Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

L'occitane hand cream

Hi everyone,
Yesterday i was going to mall near my place and purchase new hand cream from l'occitane.
Usualy i pick the one in shea butter but i was kind of bored with the scent so im asked if they have new variant, and the SA showed me 2 new variant fleur cherie and the one in jasmine (i forgot the name sorry -__-")
Tested them on my hand but i choose to buy the fleur cherie variant, simply because i think i already had to much items with jasmine scented (perfumes, room spray) so i decided to buy another scent instead of jasmine (its kind of spooky if im using too much jasmine scent, reminds me of you know who smell :D)

Well i love their hand cream, it really makes my hands smooth and i also love the smell,
As u can see i already used the one in acacia flower, this one is my fave and its limited edition (why do they make it as LE? Hiks...)
Overall fleur cherie were quite okay, it has fresh scent of orange blossom, and i also can detect some blackcurrant and pine scent, i forgot to try the perfume so i cant say much about it.
In my opinion the texture of hand cream were more thicker than foot cream, maybe because it contains more shea butter.

The packaging were quite simple, just need to open the cap and squeeze it, (reminds me with toothpaste).
comes in 30ml size, so it was easy to carry them in your bag or put it in your pocket.
The price were reasonable 108rb (US rrp $10)
You can find it in your near l'occitane counter.

Thanks for reading this post and have a great weekend ^_^

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