Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

L'occitane hand cream

Hi everyone,
Yesterday i was going to mall near my place and purchase new hand cream from l'occitane.
Usualy i pick the one in shea butter but i was kind of bored with the scent so im asked if they have new variant, and the SA showed me 2 new variant fleur cherie and the one in jasmine (i forgot the name sorry -__-")
Tested them on my hand but i choose to buy the fleur cherie variant, simply because i think i already had to much items with jasmine scented (perfumes, room spray) so i decided to buy another scent instead of jasmine (its kind of spooky if im using too much jasmine scent, reminds me of you know who smell :D)

Well i love their hand cream, it really makes my hands smooth and i also love the smell,
As u can see i already used the one in acacia flower, this one is my fave and its limited edition (why do they make it as LE? Hiks...)
Overall fleur cherie were quite okay, it has fresh scent of orange blossom, and i also can detect some blackcurrant and pine scent, i forgot to try the perfume so i cant say much about it.
In my opinion the texture of hand cream were more thicker than foot cream, maybe because it contains more shea butter.

The packaging were quite simple, just need to open the cap and squeeze it, (reminds me with toothpaste).
comes in 30ml size, so it was easy to carry them in your bag or put it in your pocket.
The price were reasonable 108rb (US rrp $10)
You can find it in your near l'occitane counter.

Thanks for reading this post and have a great weekend ^_^

Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

Revlon scented nail polish review and swatches

Hi everyone,
Sorry i havent post anything in the past few days.
Been busy with all po stuff.

As i promised before, im gonna post some pics from opi silver shatter and revlon scented nail polish.

Opi silver shatter over deborah lippmann razzle dazzle

Revlon scented nail polish in ocan breeze and peach smoothie (my new fave nail polish >.<)

Revlon scented nail polish in ocean breeze

revlon scented nail polish in peach smoothie (im in love with this baby <3) can you see those tiny sparkle? *okay the fact is my hubby didnt like this shade, dont know why, he just said it doesnt looks good on me, oh well -__-"

Revlon scented in ocean breeze with silver shatter

revlon scented nail polish in peach smoothie With silver shatter.
Love love love, this color really looks cute layered with silver shatter <3 <3 <3 The scented nail polish is really have scent, just try it. But remember you can smell the scent AFTER the polish has completely dry. (dont try to sniff your nail if the polish havent completely dry, or you will feel dizzy (just like me -__-") As for he shatter, i might not love it but i like it, the formula are better than the black shatter, at least i didnt have any problems to apply it, besides it looks cute when layered with peach smoothie >.<

Thats it for now, will post others review tommorrow,
Menard LS facial wash.

Thank for visit my blog *kiss-kiss*

Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

another haul

Okay gw tau gw borooos banget belakangan ini tapi rasanya lega kalau abis belanja :D
Belanjaan kali ini ga seberapa kok, few mbd mask, nail polish and skincare tools from sephora, stila one step make up foundation.

MBD mask in damask rose (special edt cold stone ice cream)
I really love this variant, for me this one is the best from all variant that mbd ever made.
Too bad it was LE so i was kind of panic when i find out that my supplier only have 15pcs left so i decided to buy them all.
If you know where to buy this variant please let me know, thanks ^_^

Great foundation, too bad it was too dark for me, i think it will perfect for nc 25.
I will make another post about this product soon.

Opi silver shatter and zoya mimi
I will do review for the silver shatter tommorrow havent got a chance to take pic of my nails.

Sephora face brush and Pacifica shower gel (dont remember what variant -__-")
Since the review for the face brush were good so i decided to buy it, will try it soon.
And i buy the shower gel because i was curious with pacifica products, their perfumes soo tempting, but because ive already have too much perfumes soo i just buy this one -__-"
At least i buy something from pacifica :D

And here's my another perfumes haul

Essence of beauty edt in sunflower and japanese garden.
I've tried the sunflower one and i must say im Impress with this perfume,
It have nice and long lastid scent.

Packaging: 3/5
Simple glass flacon, nothing special.

Silage: 4/5
It can stay almost 5hours on me

Price: 5/5
50ml for $9
It was soo damn cheap, i buy them when they were on sale ^_^

Thanks for reading this post ;)

Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

Haul haul haul (contain lots of pics and poison LOL)

Im gonna post some pic of my new haul that arrived on thursday \(^o^)/

The box

First haul from sg and us,
Japanese bath sea salt in sakura 2pcs (my fave, thx to nittah the lovely lady who send me this products) you can get this item in watson singapore.
VS body lotions
Few mascara
Mac nordstrom brush set
All over and face brush set

Haul from HK,
Candydoll and Dollywink
Eyelashes no.2
Lipgloss in macaroon and strawberry(i dont remember the shade)
Loose powder

Compare with my no.03 lashes

Loose powder in 20
Rouge allure lipgloss in ...(forgot the shade >.<, will update later) Nail polish black pearl, graphite, peridote and rose

And finally my fave of all
Tons of MBD mask :x
Southern apricot
Red wine
Tea line, earl grey and macaroons
Blooming series

And my friend also send me this cute Hello Kitty marshmallow, arrrghhh soo cuteeeee >.<

(okay i didnt eat the marshmallow because i gave it to my son and when i ask him to share the marshmallow with me, he refused and quickly eat them all lol)

Havent got a chance to do the review, but i will try to do aome reviews tommorrow.
Thanks for read this post.
Have a nice weekend *kiss*

Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Happy birthday to my dear husband

Yesterday i was celebrated my husband's birthday,

Prepare the cake and dinner, we decided to celebrated at home because we can't leave our kids since i dont want to take diva to go after 6pm.
I was ordered cupcakes and ayam cabai hijau and his mom ordered others food for dinner.
And i ask my mom and, my brother also his grandma to join us for dinner.
Well its a simple celebration, but the most important thing that i was still able to celebrate his birthday, hope we can celebrate his birthday in the following years together :)

Well there's not much that i can say...
Happy birthday my dear husband,
Thanks for always love me all this time
And thanks for all your support, for being So patience facing my anger, my tears, and my others bad things/habits.
Thanks for being a wonderful husband and father for me and our babies.
I'll always love you till the end of our lives *kiss*

(i hope he didnt read this post, geeez i feel embarrassed now :s)

Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

Review: Gel de La Mer

okey as i promised before, here's the review of Gel de La Mer (the moisturizing gel cream)

Gel de La Mer (the moisturizing gel cream)
An ultralight edition of the original Crème de la Mer that hydrates and refreshes the skin, leaving a supremely soft finish.

To use: To activate the broth and release its key ingredients, pat a small amount between fingertips and press into your face, neck, even under the fragile eye area.
Apply day and night for a lifetime.

Pertama kali aku mencoba sample gel la mer ini, sekitar 5ml dan cukup untuk penggunaan selama 4minggu untuk pemakaian malam hari.
Kenapa 5ml bisa untuk penggunaan 4minggu?
Karena cuman ambil sedikit aja cukup untuk seluruh muka.
Dan aku menggunakannya pada malam hari, jadi lebih hemat :), i use it as night cream.
{I ussualy dont use moisturizer in the morning, the main reason because i always forget to use it, so its better to use it at night before i go to sleep.
Tolong jangan dicontoh yah (>.<)}
Di dalamnya dilengkapi dengan spatula, jadi gak perlu coel-coel pakai jari :D

After using this products there are some significant changes:
- my skin looks healthier and better than before, its glowing but in good way.
- great oil control
- a little goes a long way, ambil sedikit aja uda cukup :)
- reduce my pimples, in fact they almost gone \(^o^)/
- reduce redness

3million IDR (RRP in la mer counter jakarta)
$250 in nordstrom

Where to buy: 
La mer counter in glow

60ml (they only have one size for the gel)

Overall gel de la mer is a great moisturizer for those who have oily skin like me (plus you get some benefits that i have written above).
The minus point is the price, its quite expensive so not everyone can afford this, i have to save my money so i can buy this product T__T
Maybe i wont purchase it again, since i was looking another moisturizer  with more affordable price (and same results LOL).

Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011


okay i know its been 2-3months since my last post >.<

but i have good reason,
i was kind of busy take care of my online store and my new web (yes, i working on new web for my online store and when everything is ready i will anounce it here. soo stay tuned :D)
lost of orders came in the past few weeks so i didnt have a chance to do some review :(

and one more thing on 10 may i gave birth my daughter, Diva Lotus Hutama.
will post her picture soon...
soo please forgive me >.<

will do some review soon, lets just hope things will get better for me and my family.
thanks for all the supports and all the emails asking where i am now and why don't i wrote any reviews, now you guys know why LOL.

and here's my new NOTD
Deborah Lippmann in razzle dazzle

Deborah Lippmann in razzle dazzle

Really beautiful color IRL. i try to take some pictures under the sun but my camera can not show all the glitters, very stunning.

Deborah Lippman nail polish

How much?

Where to get this product?
I bought this at nordstrom or you can place pre order through me.
Just email me devz_cutez@yahoo.com
or visit my twitter @dhutama

thanks for visit my blog and have a great day *smooch*