Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

Revlon scented nail polish review and swatches

Hi everyone,
Sorry i havent post anything in the past few days.
Been busy with all po stuff.

As i promised before, im gonna post some pics from opi silver shatter and revlon scented nail polish.

Opi silver shatter over deborah lippmann razzle dazzle

Revlon scented nail polish in ocan breeze and peach smoothie (my new fave nail polish >.<)

Revlon scented nail polish in ocean breeze

revlon scented nail polish in peach smoothie (im in love with this baby <3) can you see those tiny sparkle? *okay the fact is my hubby didnt like this shade, dont know why, he just said it doesnt looks good on me, oh well -__-"

Revlon scented in ocean breeze with silver shatter

revlon scented nail polish in peach smoothie With silver shatter.
Love love love, this color really looks cute layered with silver shatter <3 <3 <3 The scented nail polish is really have scent, just try it. But remember you can smell the scent AFTER the polish has completely dry. (dont try to sniff your nail if the polish havent completely dry, or you will feel dizzy (just like me -__-") As for he shatter, i might not love it but i like it, the formula are better than the black shatter, at least i didnt have any problems to apply it, besides it looks cute when layered with peach smoothie >.<

Thats it for now, will post others review tommorrow,
Menard LS facial wash.

Thank for visit my blog *kiss-kiss*

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  1. haluu dev.. baru jadi followermu nih... hehe
    itu replon peach smoothie nya cakep banget.. dia ada dijual di konter ga? ngiler liat warnanya baguusss banget...

  2. Revlon yang oceann breeze lucu banget warna nudenyaaaa...