Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

Haul haul haul (contain lots of pics and poison LOL)

Im gonna post some pic of my new haul that arrived on thursday \(^o^)/

The box

First haul from sg and us,
Japanese bath sea salt in sakura 2pcs (my fave, thx to nittah the lovely lady who send me this products) you can get this item in watson singapore.
VS body lotions
Few mascara
Mac nordstrom brush set
All over and face brush set

Haul from HK,
Candydoll and Dollywink
Eyelashes no.2
Lipgloss in macaroon and strawberry(i dont remember the shade)
Loose powder

Compare with my no.03 lashes

Loose powder in 20
Rouge allure lipgloss in ...(forgot the shade >.<, will update later) Nail polish black pearl, graphite, peridote and rose

And finally my fave of all
Tons of MBD mask :x
Southern apricot
Red wine
Tea line, earl grey and macaroons
Blooming series

And my friend also send me this cute Hello Kitty marshmallow, arrrghhh soo cuteeeee >.<

(okay i didnt eat the marshmallow because i gave it to my son and when i ask him to share the marshmallow with me, he refused and quickly eat them all lol)

Havent got a chance to do the review, but i will try to do aome reviews tommorrow.
Thanks for read this post.
Have a nice weekend *kiss*

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  1. chanel... pura-pura ga baca aaah... *cepet-cepet kabur

  2. Ah kamu suka pura2 deh *wink*
    eh elf nya uda arrived kah?

  3. omooooo, I want those candy doll! T___T
    *envy 8B

  4. deev elf nya udah sampe ya udah gw review tuuh.. tengkyu yak dev kirimannya :*

  5. ya ampuuunn banyak amaaattt bikin iri aja...hihihi
    i'm your new follower by the way
    feel free to stop by..