Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Happy birthday to my dear husband

Yesterday i was celebrated my husband's birthday,

Prepare the cake and dinner, we decided to celebrated at home because we can't leave our kids since i dont want to take diva to go after 6pm.
I was ordered cupcakes and ayam cabai hijau and his mom ordered others food for dinner.
And i ask my mom and, my brother also his grandma to join us for dinner.
Well its a simple celebration, but the most important thing that i was still able to celebrate his birthday, hope we can celebrate his birthday in the following years together :)

Well there's not much that i can say...
Happy birthday my dear husband,
Thanks for always love me all this time
And thanks for all your support, for being So patience facing my anger, my tears, and my others bad things/habits.
Thanks for being a wonderful husband and father for me and our babies.
I'll always love you till the end of our lives *kiss*

(i hope he didnt read this post, geeez i feel embarrassed now :s)

4 komentar:

  1. haapppyyy bdayyy dev's hubby *walopun kaga kenal jg sih :D

  2. hey! I bet he'll happy when see ur post <3
    happy bday to him :)